Our People

American Water & Fire is dedicated to service the people of our local region through good times and bad.  Our company is not a franchise but was born right here in Wilmington.   We are independent, owned and operated and you can count on our commitment to being in it for the long-haul with you here in southeastern North Carolina.   From big emergencies to everyday disasters, 24/7 we strive to be “Your Restoration Hero”!

American Water Fire Van

Chris Dunn


From years of experience as a general contractor working through multiple natural disasters that hit the Carolinas causing massive damage to area businesses and homes (including his own), Chris decided there needed to be a better, more-trusted, locally owned approach to dealing with these life-changing storms and their damage.  American Water & Fire was created to handle every step of dealing with such crises in the best ways possible from big disasters to smaller everyday emergencies. 

This includes helping people navigate insurance claims, adjusters, damages, and how to get properly reimbursed.  Chris even instituted his teams use the same software platform that most insurance companies utilize when determining the values they will pay on claims so that all American Water & Fire customers can be in a position to receive the highest amount of reimbursement for each line-item possible.  This customer-centric approach coupled with forthright communication is the foundation of his vision for the company. 

Chris has an extensive background in operations, logistics and strategic growth planning, having already helped create a half-dozen startup companies achieving unparalleled track records.  Chris grew up in Texas and moved to Wilmington over a decade ago and he and his family call it home.  Along with his wife, Stephanie Castagnier Dunn, a renowned Real Estate and Small Business Banker, philanthropist and full time working mother and their twin boy and girl, they truly make a dynamic team that assures all AWF clients have the building AND financial expertise to bring them peace of mind at every step.

Jenny Alaimo

Vice President of Operations

With extensive knowledge and experience with insurance claims and the remediation industry, Jenny oversees making sure clients’ needs are addressed and handled well from start to finish.  She has decades of serving the good people of this region (including a background in Health Care) and helping them navigate hundreds of insurance claims and policy reimbursements being done properly.  As Jenny shares on TV and online, her advice can save you time and money at both home and your workplace.  Her career dedication to the Restoration Business shows in every American Water & Fire experience.

From everyday emergencies to major disasters Jenny and her teams are set to help assess, advise, and execute what best helps AWF customers in time of need, especially dealing with insurance companies, claim adjusters, and timely work orders getting done on time and on budget as best possible.  She credits some of this to growing up in Upstate New York in a large Italian family as one of seven children whose parents instilled in them a strong work ethic with a devotion for the needs of others.  She now has a beautiful family of her own that includes a son and three daughters, which all know that thought Jenny stay busy helping other families in crisis, still they are the most important part of her life.